The babies have eyes! They’re relatively late, as I expect this between 12 and 15 days old, but every litter has its own schedule. Their ears have popped up, and they’re suddenly very mobile, although not yet quite sure about the milky couscous I put in the cage for them.

I wish I could post here the soft, warm, velvety feel of the babies when you put your hand in the nest, and the sound of the tiny little yips they make when they’re calling for each other or mum.

Xia’s sister Xara’s 15 babies now weigh 414 grams at 14 days old, compared to Xia’s 12 babies at 301 grams, so moving the ‘cuckoos’ in with Xia has obviously knocked the litter back. Thankfully it also means that all of Xara’s babies have survived, which I was worried about a week or so back, and they’ll all be trying the soft food before long.

eyes 15 days