It’s an interesting exercise in logistics, getting twenty seven babies out of a cage without losing any, and then checking them all back in again. Thankfully my daughter is helping out most mornings. In the past I’ve lost count and had to take them all out and start from the beginning again, but we think we have the answer this time – counting games. For some reason it’s easier to remember where you’ve got to when you’re counting ‘One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, knock on the door.’ We have had to improvise at the end, with twenty one, twenty two, buckle my other shoe and so on.

The blankie mountain they have in their playpen isn’t just a fun toy and a good photo setting; it gives them somewhere to hide and some reassurance too. If they’re nervous when they come out it gets very messy, with twenty seven babies worth of stress poops. With a blankie that just doesn’t happen. Well OK, maybe the occasional poo, but nothing like the mess you’d have without it.


23 days