The kittens are eating a lot more solids. They enjoy the fish, rice and bean mix that all my rats have today for their Sunday breakfast, and they eat until their little tums are quite round. I also shovel another scoop of dry mix in because I’ve changed the substrate and they enjoy digging for interesting bits of food. Despite now getting around 250 grams a day there is surprisingly little dry mix left in the used substrate, so I need to watch that I’m giving them enough mix as they get bigger.

Xia and Xara are getting a little less eager to re-enter the fray after the peace of the grown-ups’ cage, but patiently wait by the cage door to be taken home when I’ve finished cleaning the cage and playing with their babies, and they help to finish off the remaining breakfast when they get back.

I’ve given them some Dr Squiggles Daily Essentials (a supplement drink) instead of the milk, and it’s going down very well. They also have two bottles of plain water to give them a choice.

Because the kittens keep stashing the penny piece I use to show their growth in my photos, I give them a cup of pennies all of their own. So of course this is the first day for a week when they don’t take any.

26 days