Well the baby boys suddenly have matchstick tails. Typical – just as I’m about to send them off with people. I need to remember to make up some bags of mash (dog muesli) for their new owners to take with them.

I left the boys group out in the rat room for a minute while I got them some extra mash, and the greeting I got when I came back into the room completely undid me. We had a big group hug, me and eight wriggly boys, and then I sat on the rat room floor and cried because all eight will be leaving within the week. I tell you, it’s a good job they all have top rate homes lined up because I so want to keep them all here.

The eight boys and eleven girls had their first clean outs where they could help me today. I ended up doing what I do with the big cages – changing the hammocks and wheels today and leaving the bedding and substrate until tomorrow.