Some of you will know, and some won’t, that I’ve been working on my next book. 

‘Next book’. Sounds goooood. 

Ahem, where was I?

My next book, ‘The Rat’s Whiskers’, is going to follow the development of my most recent litters from conception through to the day they leave me, with a huge number of colour photos to show how they develop day by day from squirmy jellybeans into proper little ratlets. I’m going to top it off with their first visit to a show at three months old, and then add a few chapters on inheritance and the ups and downs of breeding just as a garnish. It’s sitting at just over 100 pages right now, which means it won’t be cheap once you add the premium for colour printing, but I’d rather have it feel complete and trim the royalties than try to make it fit a price. 

So far I have all the development chapters complete ready for editing and proof reading, and I’m working on the garnish. The babies’ first show will be the Midlands Rat Club Cup Show at the beginning of October, which means I can’t do anything about that chapter yet. 

The plan is to have the paperback book released ready for Christmas, but there’s a lot to do yet. Once the paperback is perfect and ready to roll I’ll start work on converting it for Kindle, but I’m not holding myself to a schedule for that as it’s tight enough as it is.