These babies are enormous! I’ve weighed each litter at ten days old, and these are the biggest babies we’ve made here at Brandywine Rats. They averaged 31 grams each yesterday at their ten day weigh-in.

They aren’t making life as easy as I had thought though. There are actually six males and one female in the litter. I probably ought to home out some of the males, but I so want to keep them all. I do have an incredible feeling that this litter is something really special. I’m on the lookout for a lone rescue doe kitten to keep the little girly company too, as although she’ll have her mum for company it’s not the same as another kitten to play with.

Little girl is agouti and the boys are four agouti and two black, so I was wrong on the colour too. At least I got the ears right, all top-ears!rats7