We split Xandy’s baby boys from Xandy and her baby daughter Crystal Tips earlier this week. It was so sad to see little Crystal Tips left on her own with mum, but she’s such a confident little rat it didn’t seem to worry her much. Yesterday the rest of Xandy’s group joined them both in the small cage, as they seem to accept little Crystal while they’re in her and Xandy’s cage but don’t like the little one being in their cage. I’m hoping that they will bond with her over the next few days so I can move them all back into the larger cage as a group.

The baby boys are featuring on my webcam at the moment, in a cage that is rarely still. They are not quite as fearless as their sister, and I was worried about one little boy that we nicknamed ‘Captain Squeaky’, because he seemed overly nervous. I think it was just that chance had it that he didn’t get handled quite as much to begin with, so he hung back and set up a positive feedback loop where he continued not to be handled. Now we’ve realised and are making an effort to include him he is just as brave as the other boys, albeit still a little squeaky at times.

We have two weeks left before three of the baby boys leave for their new pet home. It’s going to be very difficult to decide who will go and who will stay.

The litter page is here, but needs more photos adding.