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Well, I and the rats are gradually learning how to train for the agility competition. I began by trying to clicker train them, using a tongue click, but that works best one on one because they all expect a treat at each click, and I just can’t do that with 34 rats. I’ve switched to just giving a treat when they get it right. They seem to enjoy it so much it seems a shame to leave anyone out, and it is really good for my relationship with them because it keeps me focused on them while they are out for playtime. So the current method is crowd training with cage each group of 7 or 8 rats. Absolute chaos, but we’re having fun. The main thing they are learning is that mum wants them to do something, and if they can work out what it is they get treats. I don’t think we’re ever going to be world champions like this, but hey.

This video is from a few days ago before I abandoned the click.