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That’s what it feels like. Just slightly out of phase, like one of those parallel universes in the science fiction stories where there’s just one small detail that is different to my own world. That one difference being that my butterflies colouring book is selling amazingly well in the UK, with an Amazon bestseller ranking of 605 earlier today and 31 sales yesterday. I can’t help expecting to slip back into the real world, where my books sell a couple of copies a week.

While I was drawing the butterflies my husband sat at his PC expressing his disbelief in the current adult colouring boom. ‘They’re probably just buying them for their children in the school holidays’. I could have pointed out that it’s equally unlikely that grown men would spend hours in their workshops laboriously scraping surface plates flat. When it comes down to it, it’s a hobby, like knitting or embroidery, or metalwork. His scraping probably generates the same calm alpha waves that people are claiming for colouring-in.

I’m getting on fairly steadily with drawing the rats colouring book. It’s a little like the butterflies in that focusing on a single topic allows you to experiment more with the style. I’ve also started on a third book with a more wintry theme, which is giving me a break from the rats when inspiration is lacking.