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So, yesterday’s trial of the Amazon giveaway showed me that my expectations were far too low. I set it to give a free book to every tenth person, with three books available. It sat there all afternoon (UK time) until I put it on twitter, whereupon all three books went within twenty minutes even though I didn’t use the giveaway hashtag. It made no noticeable difference to the sales of Simply Snowflakes, but it did mean that I had some .com sales to give my book a ranking, albeit I was the one who bought the books.

Today I thought rather than try it with a book that isn’t selling, I would try it with my best .com seller, the Fanciful Rats book. I’ve set the odds of winning far higher, just to see what happens, but there are five books on offer. I’ll probably tweet it directly this evening, but for now I’m just putting it here. Here goes.

Doodle Artist – Fanciful Rats giveaway