I announced my second giveaway on here and on my fp page yesterday and got no entrants at all, which makes sense as neither place has much of a following. I added it to twitter last night, but only included the tags #fancyrats #petrats and #rats so the rat lovers get first dibs. That got me 230 entrants, but no winners yet. So now to the next stage, re-tweeting it with the tag #amazongiveaway. Lets see how far it gets now.

It will be interesting to see if the giveaway impacts sales at all. It’s potentially costing me $5.99 plus postage up to $6.08 for each prize, but I then get my profit of $1.44 back on each book. So to guarantee a profit I need to sell around 8 extra copies of each book for each prize given. Hmm. Might work, might not. It’s still fun to try though. I just hope it doesn’t pee off all those folks who aren’t in the right part of the world to enter.