I took eight of my rats to help with a rat promotion stand at the National Exhibition Centre last Saturday. We saw an incredible number of people, many of whom had had rats in the past or were considering them as pets. The idea was to offer people the opportunity to stroke or even hold a rat, so we all took as many rats along as possible because they do get very tired at these events. Six of my rats took it fairly well, they allowed the visitors to stroke or hold them, but they were glad to return to their cage. Hickory didn’t get taken out much because he was determined to get onto the floor, which I didn’t feel was such a great idea. The big surprise was my one year old blue agouti boy, Grundy. He decided it was his mission to visit every shoulder in the building. People only had to put their arm out to stroke him and he was suddenly sitting on their shoulder. Several times he shoulder surfed from person to person, making it hard to keep track of him. Somehow he must have known which people to trust, because not once did he cross to someone who panicked at his presence. He even made a couple of fairly long jumps to reach his targets. It was a complete revelation to me to see this side of his character and he spend most of the day out meeting people, hiding in the rat pouch when he had had enough but then emerging again when he realised I was talking to someone new that needed to be ratified. I’m so glad I chose his group to take along.