A few things that I need to talk about. First of all, I’ve decided that it’s time to quit breeding rats. It’s been fun, but I’ve been keeping ratties for almost sixteen years now, breeding for eight, and we really could do with a holiday. My lines will continue through Lovecraft and Black Lupin Studs, plus others via third parties, so it’s not a total dead end.

My dad is going into a nursing home soon, which will be a great relief to my mum who is struggling with the full time carer role at 81 years old. Dad is not going to be happy – it’s like sending a three year old away from everything he’s ever known. 55 years of marriage and total dependency on my mum. But despite both myself and sister in law spending a good chunk of our time with them, and over £100 of care agency a day, we aren’t managing the level of care that he needs and my mum is visibly losing strength. Dad is so dependent and trying so hard, and he’s always been such a good man and a good husband and father, and now we’re planning to send him away. Incredible guilt trips all round that we aren’t coping. Buggrit. I don’t often swear, but just buggrit. So very scary what dementia can do.

So,  I’ve enrolled on the pottery course I’ve been coveting, alongside my daughter who actually volunteered to accompany me. Although I’ve played with polymer clay and air drying clay, I haven’t touched the real thing since school. Am currently obsessing over pottery videos and websites. I’ve discovered that my stash of Super Sculpey is completely unusable after ten years of storage, although the Fimo isn’t too bad and just needs a lot of working. I would love to be able to produce some of my drawings as relief pictures in clay. I just love this video  and maybe I could do something similar with animal drawings. Then there’s the potential for pots with animals on. Pots in animal shapes. Rat head shaped ocarinas? So many ideas in my head! Bwah!

The pottery course doesn’t actually begin until 25th April, but I’ve got a pile of air-drying clay so time to play. Here are last weekend’s and this weekend’s attempts. Usual topic. Just playing with pinch pots so far and I need so much more practice. The ears aren’t right yet.


Take care folks. xx