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Monday was the first day back at work after trying to cover a colleague’s work as well as my own and failing miserably. Thankfully she wasn’t too narked about the huge pile of work on her desk.

Tuesday was the day Dad went into the nursing home, so I had a day off work. Although we did our best to prepare him, his short-term memory isn’t really up to the job any longer.

Wednesday back to work again, trying to catch up again/still. Mum visited Dad with my sister in law and he seemed fairly happy. Shopping with Mum in the evening and she seemed fairly chipper.

Thursday and Mum is upset because Dad has been pleading to come home. It’s just not a possibility because both agencies have been struggling to meet his needs.

Friday morning shopping for the rat show on Saturday, as I and my wonderful other half are doing the catering. Friday afternoon visiting Dad with my mum, and upsetting again as he still wants to go home, and thinks someone has been trying to steal his watch.

Saturday with a full day at the rat show,  elected treasurer in the morning and kitchening all afternoon, then on to a birthday party in the evening. Can hardly put a thought together by the end. The ratties missed coming out to play today. A friend at the show gave me a bag of modelling stuff – wax, plasticine and air drying clay, plus some useful tools. Thanks Coypu.

Sunday morning awoke with an after-show headache despite not drinking the day before. I seem to use up two day’s worth of energy at a show. Sunday afternoon my daughter and I took mum in her wheelchair to visit Dad and he is actually happy watching the birds on his bird table out of his window, a robin, a blackbird and a pigeon. The squirrels are chasing one another round on the lawn outside his room. He seems far more lucid than he was in his last days at home.

Monday morning a visit to the dentist. It shouldn’t have taken that long, but 40 minutes walk each way and a half hour wait after the appointment time and there went most of the morning. Monday afternoon updating the rat club website and sorting out the show accounts ready to pay in. A little bit of work on the next colouring book. Monday evening a quick play with the air drying clay to try making a dish, then getting the ratties out to play as usual.

Tomorrow there’s a doctor’s appointment before work, because I have a dead leg. I’ve had no feeling down the front of my right leg for a week now, but I think it’s just alternative sciatica because I have the usual sore spot on my back as well. Back at work for the day, then meeting friends for a meal in the evening. That’ll be the ratties’ second evening with no playtime in a week. Bad, bad mummy.

Need a holiday.

Ooh, I didn’t show you the thingy from the weekend before this. Here you go. A bit mucky because I used a laser printed transfer and I’m a messy worker.