I’ve started on a different batch of clay today. I’ve bought a load of clay described as  Production Throwers Earthenware / Stoneware because it sounds nice to throw with. It is. It’s really lush, feels like clotted cream whereas the three bags Buff stoneware clay I bought before felt like more like velvet. It took me a couple of goes to make the transition, but I really love the stuff, especially as it’s not too hard to use straight out of the bag so I don’t need to spend time mixing it with wetter clay. Somehow it needs less water too, so it’s less messy. Good job I like it; I bought 20 bags.


A very solid yarn bowl

This week has been a bowl week, although they take a lot of trimming because I need to make the bases really thick to avoid them collapsing. More stuff to learn.

Annette 😉