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The new kiln arrived shortly before the Midlands Rat Club Summer Show, so I had no opportunity to play with it until after the show. Then it needed firing in – taking up to temperature whilst empty of pots, but with the kiln furniture. The next job was to paint the base of the kiln and the shelves with kiln wash to protect them from glaze running off pots and sticking them to the kiln shelves. Finally, finally, I got to fire some pots. It takes about 24 hours to fire up the kiln for a bisque firing and let it cool enough to open up, and somehow I had accumulated three full loads of pots waiting to be bisqued. I guess that’s about a kiln load a month, which means the kiln is around the right size for me.


Currently the kiln is full of glazed pots from the first bisque firing, fired overnight and now down to just over 400 degrees Centigrade. I am so nervous to see what is inside. The Amaco glazes I bought can be quite runny, so each pot has a kiln washed circle of clay beneath it in the hope of catching any runs. I also have a test tile of each of my glazes just so I will have an example to keep. Future glaze firings will have layerings of glazes as well, but there is limited space so I will have to do a few at a time.