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We’re down to just five ratties here as of today. My last girl went to live with my daughter and her rats a couple of weeks ago, leaving me with just six boys. Then last night we noticed that Hashtag, one of the boys, was very off colour, so we took him into the vets this morning where he was diagnosed with bladder stones and a very full bladder indeed. The vets gave him some painkillers and then tried unsuccessfully  to dislodge the blockage with a catheter, then tried their ultrasound to see if that would help. When his bladder was still completely blocked we decided it was best to let him go whilst still under the anaesthetic. It’s always such a blow when they go downhill so quickly. Upsetting. This is why I need a break from ratties. 😦

On the clay side of things, I was hoping to do a bisque firing today, but most of my greenware is still not dry enough. Things seem to be taking weeks to dry at the moment. Three of the mugs I was going to fire had the handles cracking off too, so I bunged them back in the clay recycle bucket. I’ve got some vases and yarn bowls that I’m itching to get glazed but they just don’t want to dry out. I did get a few mugs through earlier in the week, trying a speckled clay and a drippy glaze effect. Very cliche, but fun. The sienna glaze I tried didn’t work too well as it pulled away from the rim of the mugs leaving a rough surface to drink from, but the blue glazes have done a really nice job. I used Amaco Textured Turquoise over Amaco Blue Midnight. There are five more to glaze, so I’ll use the same combo for those I think. The bare clay at the bottom looks well vitrified and I think has picked up a slight sheen from the glaze above


I’ve also bought a big stack of plastic boxes to transport pots to shows in, as we realised last weekend that cardboard boxes aren’t a great idea when the ground is damp, and it takes a long time to unpack and re-pack when there are several layers of pots in each box. This weekend I need to move my pots into the new boxes. 18 litre Really Useful Boxes – I think I can fit 12 mugs in a box and they stack nicely.

I picked up a nice little mirror on a wooden stand from a charity shop this morning to use when throwing, so I can see my pots from the side. Just £3.99, which isn’t bad at all. You might get to see it in action, because I want to make a process video to play on my stall next time we do a show. A bit of telly always brings people over.

OK, I’ll stop talking now.

Take care,

Annette 🙂