Quick update on what I’m up to. All the current ratty mugs are packed for the Midlands Rat Club show tomorrow.

I’m working on making mugs with pictures that stand out in relief, like the hare mug that’s drying in these pics.

The tumblers with orange slices on were made the same way, taking a mould from those dried slices you can buy at craft shops. They were glaze fired yesterday and I’m waiting for the kiln to cool down enough to have a look. That’s glaze firing #50, so I hope to get a decent video of the opening.

The ratty is an original for ratties to put on the next batch of mugs. I had already tried some, but they didn’t turn out right and ended up in my clay recycle bucket. The first ratty model wasn’t thin enough, and the curve of the mug adds bulk so it made the mugs really heavy and clunky.

That’s all for now. Take care,

Annette 🙂