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Wednesday was the day for bisque firing my designs for the new sprigs to attach to pots, so I spent much of yesterday making moulds of the newly fired originals to let me reproduce them. Some ratties, some cats and a hamster. Now I have to wait for the moulds to dry and be bisque fired before I can use them. I’ve left the details on most fairly soft because I want to be able to add sharper carved details once they are on the pot, although I went a bit further with the hammy as otherwise it was just a blob.

My moulds have all come out fairly well except for those for the ratty coaster, which I think will have to be used just to pattern the clay before I cut it out properly with a biscuit cutter. I’m sure there will be a way to make it work.



I’ve also had a big session making more of the orange slice tumblers because the first set turned out so well. They are very good practise at making consistently sized cylinders and also good practice at attaching clay sprigs, because there are five ‘orange slices’ attached to each one. Fourteen tumblers, 70 sprigs. Ergh.

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