I have my first bisque moulds ready to let me put ratty shapes on my pots, although the ones I have right now are too large for mugs, so they are going onto vases. Clay is quite useful in that it shrinks when you fire it, so I can make smaller versions simply by using my moulds to produce new originals and then use those to make smaller moulds. Just takes a little time. šŸ˜‰

I’ve been collecting ideas for Christmas Trolls on Pinterest for a little while now, and have just worked out how I want to make my own. They are really fun to make! They’re actually just cone shapes made from a third of a circle, and I’m planning to make some into Christmas tree bells as well as making shelf standing versions.


Before that, though, some new sparkly glaze has arrived today, Amaco Cosmic Tea Dust, which I’m hoping will work over black to make some fun Hallowe’en mugs. Those will keep me busy until I have the smaller ratty shapes.

On the non-ratty side, on leaving my job a couple of weeks ago I was given the amazing gift of a lovely new bicycle, so much cycling is also taking place. I’m lucky to live less than three miles from the local reservoir, so it’s easy to ride over there and do a quick circuit whenever the urge takes. My mum’s also about three miles away, so I can use the bike to pop over there as well. Life is good.

Thanks for reading,

Annette šŸ™‚