Four weekends in a row now with either a craft fair or a rat show. Heaven knows how I ever found time to go to work. It’s going to get even busier towards Christmas! 🙂

I’ve been busy making a skull cauldron as I’ve already sold two and they are fun to make. It took me a couple of goes to make a decent original for the skull, but now my mould is good to go. There’s one of the sold ones in the third photo.

Also in production are a blizzard of porcelain snowflakes. My new snowflake cutters arrived earlier in the week, but it took me a while to work out how to get a good cut from them. They have the cutouts built in, but at first I couldn’t get the snowflake out without destroying it. I tried plastic bags over the clay, but the cutter wouldn’t cut down to the board like that. Then I tried cling wrap, which worked better but the cutters went right through it, leaving tiny bits of plastic everywhere. Not a good idea. The third try was using a square of the tissue paper I use to wrap my craft fair sales and the result was really good. The cutter pulls the tissue paper down into the cut as it goes through, keeping the cutter clean, it lifts right back off again, and any bits of paper that won’t sponge off later are safe to go in my clay scraps bucket. Total win!

Because these snowflakes have holes I can use them to make chains of flakes and beads. Can’t wait to get them done.

Thanks for reading

Annette 🙂